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MIAMI 2017


Miami 2017 is the newest Release Compilation from various artists. In this release you can find 12 amazing Dance Tracks dedicated to Miami. From Afro to Techno everything is included. When you listen to these Tracks you will enjoy an amazing trip trough electronic soundscapes and worlds. The album will be available in all stores from April 25, 2017!


  1. Emmkay feat. Leerahtov – Get down
  2. Mark Feesh – I’m not die
  3. Emmkay feat. Miggan – Hard times
  4. Ushuaia Boys – One day at the Beach
  5. Emmkay feat. Miggan – Nguwe
  6. Ushuaia Boys & DJ H.T.R. – Nights in white Satin
  7. Emmkay feat. Absi Mhlongo – Tando Lwengoma
  8. Gerry Verano – Pray for Love
  9. Mark M.S. – Change (DJ Casabella Remix)
  10. Alpha C – Pink Clouds
  11. Oscar Molina – I can’t stop
  12. Van Pain & Gerry Verano – Transatlantic (Mark Feesh Underground Indie Pop Remix)


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