Best of 2013 – 2019

Digital Room Records presents to you a ‘Best of’ – Compilation, where the Best Songs of the Label are selected for you. 
The Label has selected Music from: Larry Peace (former DJ of US-Popstar Prince), Phillip Ramirez (who has Releases on big labels such as Strightly Rhythm, Ministry of Sound, etc.), Betty Bizarre (who has Released on Toolroom Records with Lissat & Voltaxx), Van Holt, Toto La Momposina (who sang for Michel Gleis the song ‘La Mezcla’), E39, Ushuaia Boys, Gerry Verano, DJ Daniel Wilson, Mark Feesh, Sbuzet, Anne La Sastra & Fred Martin, Phos Toni, Eight Legged Phobia, Patrick Gallagher, Toni Vives, Dany Sativa, E39, Violeta Skya & Znas, DJ Istar, Andre Schluter, Tony Navas, DJ Casabella, DJ Oscar Molina, TamTom, Xanhanda, Miss Mabuka, Manu Avila, Van Pain, Andres Luque, Nigel Joe, Lo Coco, Mark M.S. and Tony V.E.

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