Gerry Verano

We proudly present our first interview!!!

Artist: Gerry Verano
Age: 41
Labelowner-Musicproducer (Digital Room Records)-DJ

Country: Austria

Interview with Gerry Verano

1. How did you get into Djing?

I was always inspired from electronic dance music since at a tender age. And i did get into the DJ-
ing, after a friend did ask me to be inside in his DJ-Agency. So i started to get my first experiences 
and i noticed: This is what i really want to do. 

2. Where did your name come from?

My name come from the spanish word Verano, which means in english โ€žSummerโ€œ. And i love 
Summer very much! All girls are wearing hot pants and showing more skin and this is really 
beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜€

3. What was the first event you ever played at?

Well let me think! I actually don’t remember but i think it was the House Industry Vol.2 which was 
organized by a friend. And the Feeling was really amazing!

4. Who is/was your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Ibiza. When i’m listening to DJ-Sets of Carl Cox, Nora en Pure, Rafa Barrios 
and all other artists, i always get goose bumps. I don’t know why, but it’s cute! And i really can feel 
the Love, the energy and all positive things what makes everybody happy. And music is everything 
for the world, because everybody is listening to music.

5. What is your favorit genre?

My favorite Genre is House Music. But i also like Techno, Minimal, Ambient and Chillout.

6.What ฬs your favorit tune of all time?

Uffff. That’s the big question ๐Ÿ˜€ I dont have a favorite tune. But one of my favorite Tunes right now 
is from Paul Kalkbrenner the Song Jetstruepp (Joris Voorn Remix).

7.What festivals/clubs would you most like to play at?

I would like to play at every big festival, because that is what really love to do. I can show my 
positive energy to the people and this is really magic. Playing on a stage is really cool. I love it and 
that’s a way to show Love to the People. When so show them Love, you will get it back and that’s 
what we need in this world here. It’s better to celebrate a party in Peace, than being in the front of a
war. I hate war!

8.How is the club scene of Austria?
The club scene in Austria is very little and it’s very difficult to get inside there. A very big problem is 
that some Djs don’t support other artists, when they have success. I appreciate every artist, every 
DJ and i support every one.

9. What ฬs your favorit city of Austria?

I don’t have any favorite city in Austria. Every austrian City has her own character. This is amazing. I
like every city, because of its special way. 

10. What are your plans/projects for the near future?
My plans are to produce music, playing Gigs, making a Tour around the world and to this, what i 
really love to do. Music.

11. How is living in Austria? You you tell us a bit about your country?

The life in Austria is good. I’m sure that it is not the best life in this world, but i think it’s better than 
in poor countries in Africa or in the middle east Teritorries. You save a saved life in Austria. You can 
go to the doctor, when you feel sick, You don’t need to wear any weapon, because most people want
to live in Peace and Harmony. But sometimes the life is expensive and this can be difficult. 

Thanks to Gerry Verano
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