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Ushuaia Boys & Eight Legged Phobia’s first collaboration!

Ushuaia Boys & Eight Legged Phobia are producing now in their studios on their first Song. Actually we don’t have any information about the song, but when you know the Music style of Ushuaia Boys and the Music Style of Eight Legged Phobia, it can be really interesting in which style of music this song will be. Is it Trance, or House, or Techno? Stay tuned for more upcoming Information! Discover their Music on Youtube and you will see, that both artists have a different Music-Style!

Eight Legged Phobia releases a brand-new single very soon!

We’ve got a brand-new release from the australian artist Eight Legged Phobia which is an collaboration with Patrick Gallagher. The Title of their amazing single is called Funk you and the song itself is very danceable. Strong beats give you the direction to dance and the amazing vocals go into your mind and touch your soul. Eight legged phobia is an uprising artist from Melbourne / Australia. His productions excite always more and more people. Mark of his music are magic melodies. When you hear his songs, you will make a special journey trough of electronic sound worlds. Stay tuned for upcoming information!

Mark Feesh returns back with EP!

It was December 2015 when Mark Feesh did release his last EP “Diversidade” in our label. After his long break he is now back with his new EP “Infinity”. This new EP contents 4 amazing Tracks called Robot Society, Rebound this, Praying for Techno & Tribal. All Tracks are amazing and produced by this amazing spanish DJ & Producer, who is also a Member of Ushuaia Boys. When you hear these Tracks, you will take a journey trough different electronic sound worlds and spheres. The EP is very listenable!


Gerry Verano & DJ Daniel Wilson – We Love House Music

Digital Room Records presents to you a new uprising artist! DJ Daniel Wilson is a well known DJ from Austria. His DJ – Sets are amazing and excite always more and more people around the globe. He started his career as a DJ in different clubs and discotheques all around Austria, Germany, Italy and Slovenia. While he worked he always kept an eye on the different vibrations of the crowd and so he learned quickly how to create atmosphere and how to move people, make them dance and make them happy. Together with his friend Gerry Verano, he started to create his own style in the music productions and what did come out? A hugh amazing House Song called “We Love House Music”! We Love House Music is a Song, with a groovy, strong beat, where your legs begin to dance automatically, when you hear this Track. And the amazing voice tells you the history about Housemusic.

Official Release date: March 24, 2019 in all Download stores!´╗┐