Digital Room Records

independent electronic music label


VOLDO ….. an art figure! VOLDO started drag in 2011 and was then known as Colt Freeze, with weird makeup and blue hair! At the big chance 2011 on ORF 1 he tried for the first time to convince vocally, but failed after the first round! In 2013 he came back with 2 other artists with a new and modern travesty program! The group was called The Wo-Men. After 2 pretty successful years, however, the group separated for private reasons! Summer 2015 Voldo decided to go to a casting again with a new look and androgynous! He went to GERMANY LOOKING FOR THE SUPERSTAR! The jury was impressed by his performance (Dieter Bohlen at all) and his charisma! He made it to the top 20 among 40,000 applicants! After the season, Voldo opened several doors! Studio recordings, video shoots and various performances outside of Austria! Cover songs by Voldo.are available on various download portals! JUNE 2017 Voldo decided to make a comeback with his group “the Wo-Men” and September was the premiere of the Shoe which was a great success! VOLDO put a miss in front of his name to re-masculinize his fictional character, because being a drag queen is his greatest passion and artistic expression! At the moment, Miss Voldo and his girls are always touring to Germany, where they perform together with the travesty legend MISS CHANTAL! However, Miss Voldo will also start solo with new music in 2018.

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