Virus Fever LIVESHOW

To due of the worldwide corona pandemic, the whole music industry is in a complete lockdown mode. Mostly all clubs, bars, discos are worldwide closed. What does this mean for the world? A disaster. Not only so much people are infected, people are dying to due of Covid 19 and the whole economy is in a disaster. As a result there are so many restrictions for the humans. Nobody can go out or meet friends or go to a party or to an event. Of course the people are tired of Covid 19. We understand all of that. But it exist a good slogan which is really true. “Music touches places, where hands can’t get there”. And this is why we decided to bring the party with a good mood in your home. So let’s have fun. Gerry Verano, Nat D, Mark Feesh, Raul Garcia, Ray Ramirez and DJ Averell present a new DJ – Set called “Infectious Fever” LIVE ON MIXCLOUD! We are going to take you on a special journey through the best House & Techno-music.


About CQ – Promotions: CQ is an Artist & Management Promotion Agency owned by Nat D. She is a great person and she understands her job very well. She played on Gigs with many famous Headliners in the UK and around the Globe. CQ Artist Management Promotions offer a number of professional services and individual management packages to help artists grow. Check out their website and follow CQ: