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Ushuaia Boys & DJ Daniel Wilson – Sands of Time

After their great success on Switch Muzik with their Single Feelings, Ushuaia Boys & DJ Daniel Wilson returned back with another Bomb called “Sands in Time”. The Track itself is a melodic Techno Track with a special drive. A pumping Beat and Bass give you the direction to dance with an orchestral rhythm and the melodies with an amazing female voice go into your heart and invite you to a special journey through melodic electronic sound worlds.


We are calling all artists to do a Remix of our upcoming release “Sands of Time” by Ushuaia Boys & DJ Daniel Wilson. You have the opportunity now to start your career with us. Ushuaia Boys & DJ Daniel Wilson are well known in the international music scene and they had in the past international TOP chart rankings in Beatport, Traxsource and iTunes. DJ Daniel Wilson was charted at iTunes on Number 1 ALL GENRE CHARTS with Gerry Verano, who is a part of Ushuaia Boys with Mark Feesh.

The process runs in 3 Phases:

Phase 1 – The production phase (August 19 – September18, 2021): ENDED!

Phase 2 – The voting phase on Soundcloud (September 19 – October 8, 2021):

Your Remix will be uploaded on Ushuaia Boys’ Soundcloud – Profile and we select with the artist the 2 best Remixes with the most likes & comments. As soon as your Remix is uploaded on September 19, you can invite your friends to vote for your Remix, you can share the Link in all social media sites. Be creative and make your best promo!

Phase 3 – The Release Phase (October 9 – November 13, 2021):

The Winner-Remixes will be released on the Label Digital Room Records and the winners will receive a free gift from Ushuaia Boys. And this is a surprise! The Winners will be announced on Facebook from Ushuaia Boys. Make sure that your Facebook – Account is active and make sure that you have subscribed to Ushuaia Boys:

Please notice:

  • You accept with the Download all Therms & Services of Digital Room Records
  • You are not the copyright holder of “Sands of Time” and you are not allowed to publish your produced Remix on your SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Twitch, Mixcloud or any other platform until we allow you to do it
  • You are not allowed to send your Remix to any other label as Demo
  • Any violation leads to the exclusion of this contest

Good Luck!