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Virus Fever

2020 was a year of changes. The worldwide SARS-CoV2 Pandemic has put down the whole music industry. Clubs, Bars, Restaurants and all Venues were closed. DJ’s and artists were without any job. The people were not able to celebrate parties and most stayed at home. Artists and DJ’s started to do Live-Streams to keep all their fans updated. And so we all did come closer and closer.

It was a just 4 fun idea from Gerry Verano & DJ Averell to do an LIVE-Stream called Virus Fever and both were so excited about all the love & fun from the first episode. So both decided to create a series of Virus Fever. Gerry invited a lot of DJ-Friends and the Family got bigger and bigger.

On this way we want to say THANK YOU, to all DJ’s, who played in our Virus Fever Episodes and THANK YOU to everyone, who listened VIRUS FEVER.

Now it’s time for us to introduce our DJ’s from VIRUS Fever!

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