Annique Bastian is a well talented singer from Sarasota / Florida. She has an amazing Soprano – Voice and she releases in our Label her song “Feel free”. We did ask Annique some Questions for you:

Where are you from? 

Annique: I was born in Arad, Romania, but came to the US when I was 9 years old. While growing up, I spent time living in Romania, Hungary and Austria.

When did you start singing? 

Annique: I’ve been singing and writing songs since I was a little girl. I sang competitively throughout High School as well.

What is your inspiration in the music? 

Annique: I’m inspired by uplifting trance-style music. It takes me on a spiritual journey and I find that it heals me. I definitely love all types of music though, in all languages… Especially progressive beats that I can feel in my soul.

Which artists do give you the inspiration?

Annique: My first love was Tiesto. It is through him that I discovered the beautiful fusion of vocals and hypnotic sounds. I always dreamed of collaborating with DJs and working on vocal projects. I have a special place in my heart for Avicii as well. Seal has been one of my fave artists through the years. His lyrics have carried me through many challenging times. Most recently I started listening to Kendji Girac. Love his style of music! Exotic and sensual… As far as female vocalists are concerned, I enjoy listening to Jennifer Rene, JES, Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Sade…

What‘s your next upcoming release?

Annique: It’s called Feel Free and I’m so excited about it… It’s about loving the one who makes you feel free… Love is supposed to make you feel free….

What do you expect from the music?

Annique: I hope the audience enjoys my voice and most importantly that the sound makes them want to dance!

Check out and discover the music of Annique Bastian now: