We are writing again austrian music history. We got our release “We Love House Music” by Gerry Verano & DJ Daniel Wilson signed on the Berlin based Recordlabel Grossstadtvögel for Zug der Liebe Compilation 2020.

Zug der Liebe (in english translated: Train of Love) is a political demonstration that has been taking place in Berlin since 2015. Since then, between 10,000 and 50,000 people have taken part in the event every summer.

Between 15 and 22 music trucks and social associations are represented as patrons at the annual demonstration. The demonstration supports social institutions and non-profit collectives who are involved in the social discussion. The association of organizers, musicians and media professionals is also a non-profit organization: Zug der Liebe e.V. [3] The train team consists of Martin Hüttmann, Felix Hartmann and Jens Schwan. Funding is provided only through crowdfunding and private equity. [4]

The first train of love was called in 2015 by the DPA “Neue Loveparade”, from which the organizers distanced themselves. [5] Originally, a demonstration with five cars and about 5000 people was planned, which should serve primarily as a counterpoint to upcoming Pegida marches, but grew to 15 cars and officially 28,000 participants as a result of strong interest. According to police estimates, several thousand participants took part in 2018, [6] 50,000 people according to the organizer. [7] The large demonstration received funding from Musicboard Berlin for the first time in 2018 and had the public service broadcaster Radioeins as a media partner.

The press announced that the last train of love should take place in 2018. Jürgen Laarmann, co-organizer of the Loveparade, wrote: “But the problem is the chronic overload of the organizers, who are reaching the limits of their volunteer work with the growing success of their event… Purely historically, the city of Berlin would be well off here with money to remedy the pots of cultural funding. “[8]” In spring 2019, the decision was made to put a 5th train of love on the street. Crowdfunding for the train of love 2019 started on March 15, 2019.

It’s 2020 and it’s been a crazy year with a lot of changes. The train of love is also affected by this and cannot move through the streets of Berlin for loved ones this year as usual. But or precisely because of this, some artists have teamed up to give a voice to the train of love in the form of their own works. We are thus presenting part of the compilation in the name of love to big city birds and want to set an example. We stay, no matter what comes there and how difficult it is at the moment. The second part of the compilation is presented by the friendly label Neuhain and is stylistically in the techno area.
Stay healthy and get through time well until next year.