House Masters Vol.15
Swiss dance Charts

Gerry Verano & DJ Daniel Wilson are writing again austrian music history in their careers. Their Track “Mauritius” got been licensed on Labelworx’ Recordlabel LW-Recordings for the House Masters Vol.15 Compilation. As it was released it didn’t took a long time to re-enter in the swiss Dance Charts. It’s really magical. The release was out in all stores and it entered again the swiss Dance Charts. That’s like when the people did wait for this Track on the Compilation. We are sure that is one of many results of the good marketing strategy between Labelworx, LW – Recordings, Digital Room Records and the artists DJ Daniel Wilson and Gerry Verano.

Labelworx is a distribution service and was founded by the DJ’s Chris Cambers & Matt Abott, while they were booked in a nightclub 2004. They struck up a friendship and started producing music together, which eventually led to them launching their own record label, Alter Ego Records in 2005. At the time both founders were working as full time IT Managers and lived 130 miles apart.

The label was run as a hobby from their home studios and was essentially managed via countless spread sheets which were emailed back and forth to get work done. It became evident very quickly that a solution would be needed to make the flow of information between Matt and Chris work better. The success of the label would very much depend on their IT knowledge which they used to build an online system for managing the record companies information of artists, releases and sales information.

Over the past 13 years, Labelworx has grown to become a leading provider of services tailored specifically for the needs of an independent record company. We have become the dance music industries “Go To” company for everything from worldwide distribution, pre-release promo campaign tools, royalty management software and much more.

You can read here the full history of Labelworx!