Digital Room Records

independent electronic music label

General terms and conditions

  1. The general terms and conditions ensure a smooth process between Digital Room Records (licensees) and their artists (licensors), regardless of whether they are male or female. The words “song” or “demo” refer to the work that the licensor makes available to the licensee online.
  2. The licensor automatically transfers the ancillary rights to the licensee each time his song is uploaded and assures the licensee that he has all the necessary rights or, in the case of a cover version, has already been granted the rights. If it turns out that the licensor infringes the copyright or has not yet taken all necessary steps, the licensee is entitled to withdraw from the contract without prior notice. The licensee does not assert any claims for damages for this unless the licensee was harmed as a result. The licensee can decide for himself. If this leads to costs, these are to be borne by the licenser.
  3. The licensor must complete truthfully the license agreement which is sent by the licensee, sign it and return the signed document to the licensee. If the signed license agreement is not returned, the licensee can publish the previously sent work and withhold the received sales until the licensor sends the licensee the completed and signed license agreement.
  4. The licensee provides the licensor with information about sales as soon as the licensee has this information. A deal of 50% is agreed for the sales received from the licensee.
  5. The licensee starts the publication process with the receipt of the song, creates a cover and takes care of advertising and marketing. Unless otherwise agreed, the resulting costs are borne by the licensor. The licensee takes all possible steps to obtain the best possible profit. The licensor has no influence on the entire process of publication.
  6. The licensor accepts that the licensee will not publish any songs that glorify violence or are inhuman or the like. In addition, it is up to the licensee to publish the song or not.
  7. The general terms and conditions can be changed or updated by the licensee at any time without giving reasons.
  8. The licensor automatically accepts the terms and conditions by uploading his song to the licensee.

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