South African’s DJ & Producer Emmkay will return back soon with a new EP. In the past he released his songs in compilations like Miami 2017, Ibiza 2017, Ibiza 2018 and now he is actually in his studio working on new Afro House songs for his upcoming EP. Stay tuned and watch out for more upcoming news!

About Emmkay himself:

Emmkay himself is a south african DJ & Producer and has a good style of Afro House Music. When you are listening to his music, you are feeling the summer in your heart and you can also hear his good quality in his music. Emmkay is really a magic artist, who understands what music is. He is feeling everything and he can put his feelings and his ideas into his music. That is what we call art. To create an own style of music. Also his DJ – Sets are amazing. Everything what is in his hands, it will become gold. And the people are always smiling when they are listening to his music. Feel free and discover the music of Emmkay!