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What can i do after my song is released?

What can i do after my song is released?

You can do everything, what is good for a promotion. You can:

  • Post buylinks through your social media networks
  • Create Playlists on Streaming – Services
  • Putting buylinks into the description of your youtube videos
  • Make Live – Videos with your music on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

You can also promote your song, before it’s released. There is no sure fire for all songs that they are getting a hit, but these factors above can help to get international attention of you as artist and your music. You can also send your song to tastemakers in the music scene, if you have good contacts. If no, there are few agencies who can do that for you. But this cost and it depends on your budget, what you want to invest.

The best way what we recommend to you is: Post your songs many times. We do that, too. We are sitting in the same boat. A Label or an artist alone can reach a lot of people, but more people can be reached when you as artist and we as Label are posting your song many times.

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