“It’s so amazing to see our label has got been featured as Label of the week in Music Worx” Label Boss Gerry Verano said. Since we started to use this promotion service 1 1/2 year ago, our image is becoming better and all our artists and their music are getting international attention worldwide. On this way we want to say “THANK YOU” to Music Worx! We appreciate you very high!

Music Worx is an ultimate promotional platform where all labels can promote the music of their artists. And it’s not only for Labels. It’s also a good service for DJ’s. They get paid in form of money and credits, when they do their weekly charts. Every Chart will be paid and you can download as DJ all songs, which are uploaded to this platform. And the coolest thing is this: All good known labels such as Warner Music, Universal, Sony Music, Capitol Records, Columbia, Epic, Motown, Atlantic Records, DefJam Recordings, Virgin Records, Spinnin’ Records, Spinnin’ Deep, Ultra Music, Positiva, Karmic Power Records, Switch Muzik, and many more labels are using this platform, too.

Check out the website of Music – Worx: https://music-worx.com