In the beginning, there was Traxsource.

Traxsource was born at the start of the digital revolution. They are the result of their experiences as an Independent label navigating the disruption caused by the internet. To this day Traxsource retain their original ethos which was built upon the reputation of that label, Soulfuric Recordings. They are literally DJs who built one of the first online music stores for our friends who were also DJs, resulting in a download site with the heart of an independent label..

Since their birth in October 2004, Traxsource has secured a place in the hearts and minds of DJs around the world. They are ambassadors for the true underground movement that is House Music, driven by our unique and authentic musical point of view. Their mission has always been to provide a home for creative artists and labels to flourish, because their story is their story, and this synergy is the lifeforce of their store. They stand by the artists and labels we serve because we genuinely understand what it takes to survive in today’s industry. 

In 2019 Traxsource continue to forge ahead with their beloved lifelong customers, new-found friends and a global fanbase. Featuring high profile A list artists right alongside breakthrough and bedroom artists, it’s always their pleasure to uncover emerging talent who will become tomorrow’s stars. 

Traxsource are the home of Real House Music! This phrase has never been more relevant than in today’s over-saturated post EDM market. With electronic music continuing to take a central stage with widespread global attention, the necessity to champion ‘quality over quantity’ and ‘artistry over hype’ is even more real to them than ever before. Traxsource uphold the soul of the scene and defy the faceless and commercial enterprises so prevalent today. For Traxsource, it’s always all about integrity and keeping it fiercely independent. Not everybody understands House Music… but Traxsource and we do.

Since 2019 our music is online on Traxsource and we are happy to enjoy Traxsource in our family!