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Peter Romo aka Iakksa

Iakksa born May 24, 1983 inSpain although he moved to up to 2 years at Minden ” ‘Germany’ ” where is your mother. Her birth name is Pedro Rodriguez Moya but is known professionally as Peter Iakksa and Romo, among other nicknames.

Iakksa was fascinated with the productions and spent many hours in his studio to create a sweet melody. Iakksa never tried to get caught up in a specific subgenre of house music but wanted to create innovative productions.

It emerged in night scene in 2000 when he was 16, when working light jockey light sessions in the capital Madrid. This brought directly approach the world of music.
In April 2005, Iakksa moved to Alicante where he met Ignacio Ferrer [[Nacho Division]] which offered a test in their study, also I sponsor and teach him to perfect his style.

He started making music in 2012, but it was not until 2013 when he throws his first track by Eleonor record label under the name Peter Romo.
During his stay in Germany, where he created his current sound that you feel 100% identified. This sound is called Euphoria because this sound came from one of his legendary parties euphoria and it was there after spending the night locked managed to get a new sound that currently prevails.
Considered one of the future stars of house music and great musical restlessness began his career as a producer. In 2013 first launched by Eleonor record label under the name Peter Romo.

In August 2013 Romania, launched by Eleonor Record label, his first studio material entitled ‘The conquist’ ‘

Meaning Iakksa ‘
In one of his interviews, said Pedro Rodriguez ‘Iakksa’ with one ‘k”aksá]]) means:’ Being a harmless fairy tale character, associated with forests and mountains, but also a darker version of yaksha, which is a ghost or being who sees ultratumbas. ‘He declared: “A friend told me, and I just stuck in my mind … from then until now uses that name.