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Funky House Brothers

If two friends – both rooted in music since adolescence – are encouraged by a club operator to cross their paths at the turntables and the two can hardly save themselves from orders, that’s certainly destiny!

It was not just the birthday of the club operator; It was also the birth of the Funky House Brothers, because this is the talk of René and Daniel, who are live on air since the gig in the largest clubs in Austria for the most famous radio station in our country.

Previously, René had worked for years in the club catering, moderated live, among others, for the most famous karaoke company in Austria, partly designed the entire musical program of each location and played for years as a resident in a Upper Austrian club.

Daniel, previously for years for the largest Austrian private channel in various clubs in Upper Austria and Salzburg in their live club broadcasts in use, designed with his own band a DJ set with live music and unfolded on this way not only his passion for electronic music.

Their years of experience in the Austrian club entertainment industry unite the two friends as Funky House Brothers in the key statement that “not the sound alone makes the music! Full entertainment is the motto! ”

And that’s what sets them apart from many other DJs: they define themselves as entertainers who entertain the party crowd and do not celebrate as DJs. No matter which audience, whether festival, large discotheque or small exclusive club, the two are individually on the respective entertainment needs and are therefore hardly a special genre to assign, because these all-rounder can do everything! And that too damn funky …