Digital Room Records

independent electronic music label

Fred Martin

It is dark. The bass vibrates. Everyone shakes their bodies to the beats. Nothing seems as important as the rhythm at this moment. The playlist seems endless and it is followed by a climax after another. Everyone cheers and forget that there is a morning. That’s the world of Fred Martin.

The producer, DJ and singer was born in 1990 in Hamburg. At age 13, he decides to play classical piano. Two years later, he buys his first acoustic guitar and begins to write songs and sing to it. Early on he realizes how great his love for music is.

At the age of 18, Fred Martin buys a laptop and begins to build his own beats. The world of synthesizers, drum machines and microphones is moving into a whole new world where music blends with technology and physics. He creates hours of DJ sets from house, techno and hip-hop as some bars catch his eye.

In order to find a balance to the music, he starts in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Hamburg. During these four years, he regularly finances himself with DJ and live performances and builds up his own home studio in Hamburg-Schnelsen piece by piece.

Since the beginning of 2017, Fred Martin has been devoting himself to the search for new talents, to whom he can help with his experience. This project resulted in various productions with artists such as Anna Mirani, Janina Lemke, Alessandro Galas, Anne la Sastra, Sascha Herchenbach or the famous Elvis impersonator “Shelvis”. The different styles range from EDM to House, reggaeton to pop and rock to singer-songwriter pop. Fred Martin is not a musical genre too experimental.


On his versatility he says: “Every genre has its own special facets and is unique. In the end, it’s about taking the listener out of everyday life for a short moment and taking them on a journey. I could never decide on a genre of music. In every song that I produce with an artist, there is always a part of me. I see myself as a medium for the artists to capture their emotions in a shot. I feel every single note with them. That’s what makes my way to produce special.