Mark Feesh is one of our most important artists and his name is well known in spain. He is not only one of our CEO’s, he is also the partner Gerry Verano in Ushuaia Boys and the right hand of Digital Room Records. His music is exciting more and more people and his fanbase is growing every day.

He has released music in couple of record labels and his fans love him, because he is a guy who has his heart on the right place. He has mixed in many clubs across spain such as the Millennium Superclub and his DJ-Sets are massive.

As a member of Ushuaia Boys he entered 2019 the first time the Beatport Charts with the singles “Nikki’s Beach Diaries” and “Feelings” with Betty Bizarre, Gerry Verano & DJ Daniel Wilson and also his last release “Infinity EP” is doing well in the music scene.

MarK Feesh® Dj/Producer