The long waiting has an End. Nikki’s Beach Diaries is OUT NOW in all global download stores. Germany’s TOP DJane Betty Bizarre and the spanish/austrian TOP DJ – Team Ushuaia Boys released their latest single “Nikki’s Beach Diaries” in Digital Room Records. From this song is a Remix-Album upcoming with a Bomb Remix – Package from Future Breeze, who is well known with his Dance Hits “Why don’t you dance with me?” & “Keep the fire burning”, Gerry Verano, DJ Daniel Wilson & Mark Feesh.

Betty Bizarre is a well known international DJane and Producer, who has releases with Lissat & Voltaxx, Chris van Holt, Ushuaia Boys, Gerry Verano on big labels such as Toolroom Records, Muziek Colours Ltd., Sky Academy Recordings, Stardome Recordings, Betty Beat Records and many more. 2013 she had her first Debut Release in Digital Room Records. After a 3 years break Betty Bizarre is returning back with with the Ushuaia Boys and their newest single, called “Nikki’s Beach Diaries”. The Song itself has a groovy beat, which let your legs begin to dance automatically, when you hear it. And the amazing carribian Steel-Drum Melody gives to you a Touch of Summer freshness. You can feel Love to the music of these amazing Artists and this is something what makes this Song very special. Promoted by Barbara Sobel/Sobel Promotions

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