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Nikola Toni


Nikola Toni – Born in ancient city of Ohrid, this famous Macedonian drummer was introduced to audiences at a very young age. When he was only 20 years old, he joined and become a really important part of “Damar”, a local music band. His musical growth continued all through 1994, when he formed “Ventolin”, band which gave Nikola a greater chance to improve his music and performance skills. By 2001, he has given more than a 500 live performances all over Macedonia. Nikola’s ambition and great desire for perfection, made him also a musical selector by the alias Prle On Way.
Working in the best clubs in Macedonia, the next step was combining house music with his drum sets, which made a unique performance, and that’s how Nikola is mostly getting recognized now days, and that’s why his audience loves his shows.
At the moment, Nikola is working on his own tracks that will soon be released, and in the meantime, he’s performing all over Macedonia’s finest clubs, giving fantastic parties to the audience, guarantying lots of fun and positive energy, that can’t be missed.In 2012 with spanish producer Dany Cohiba relesess the first track Lose control for label Carlo Cavalli Music Group,publish track|s with another labels – Lotus Flowers Publishing,Urban Vibes Records,Matt Music,Rack Records Music,Digital Room Records,Bembe Recordings,2Seconds Records.