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Upcoming next releases: Date of release: July 8, 2016!

Funky House Brothers feat. Melanie Linzner - Summertime

The Summer is already here and the Funky House Brothers are back with their next club bomb “Summertime” which will be out in all stores at July 8th, 2016. Summertime is a progressive tune which let your heart and your legs jump on the dancefloor. This time the Funky House Brothers are bringing the amazing voice  of Melanie Linzner on Board with this release. Check out now the preview:



Ushuaia Boys - Summer(Album)


Ushuaia Boys (Mark Feesh & Gerry Verano) are back with their 1st album Summer. The single “Summer” itself with the amazing voice of Betty Bizarre is already released and hit the floors around the world. Summer has a hugh great support worldwide by many DJs and now the album Summer is going to be released at July 8th, 2016.

The Album itself contents the Club Mix of the single “Summer” and 9 amazing Deep House & House Tracks with amazing melodies and voices. On this album many other artists has now their tribute on Digital Room Records. DJ Rosso, Nizzy Nice and DJ H.T.R. produced on this album together with Ushuaia Boys. When you hear these Tracks, you will have a hugh feeling of a Beach ambience and a touch of summer breeze. You really believe, that you are lying on a beach and you enjoy this ambience with a cocktail. Combined with a good party feeling by the Track “Samba Nights” you feel the brasilian flair of Samba rhythms which let your legs begin to dance. This album has got the pure SUMMER in your heart. Chilling and dreaming and party which makes you really happy! 


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