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The last Frontier is a new track dedicated to DJ Electronic Boy and Mark’s father, by Mark Feesh. Good old Memories of these persons. One a good friend and the other his father!

“I’m still very sensitive… my eyes get wet when I talk about my father and martin…” Mark says.

And we only can say to both:



THE LAST FRONTIER (Martin was here) – MARK FEESH (in memory of a good friend – Original Mix) by Mark Feesh on Mixcloud

We had the opportunity to interact and meet Chaser, Dj / producer who started his career eight years ago with projects ranging from the Psy Trance to Electro House, has presented at major events such as EDC Mexico, has shared the stage with artists within and abroad. MDM Electro wants you to know more about the life and career Chaser and have prepared the following interview.

Chaser, tell us what is your name and how old are you?

Hi! My name is Chase Antonio Carrillo McAteer and I am 28 years old.

Why Chaser?

You know, first, my name is Chase and from boy my mama told me Chaser and to date …

We know you’re a great musician, drummer, DJ and Music Producer … What age did you start to get involved with music?

Thank you very much, from 13 began with the battery, when I saw the whole roll of music I fell superfast her, playing with bands in bars, at parties and in places where it was “minor” to enter “hahaha” but he played and I was going home.

We know that you are a loving person of good health and you like to exercise, practice football and crossfit What have other passions in life, besides music?

I love snorkeling and beach … I love swimming in the sea and see life down there. In Acapulco when I go, I always go to the nose and snorkeling to see manta rays and turtles; with more production and I’ll dive with friends. I have a dog “Shiba Inu” that even if I could take her to the events when I play the lead. I wear it when I go to play soccer and I like to take her to parks to socialize with other dogs in their world.
Hanging out with friends and playing Play Station, maybe not a passion of Play Station “haha”.

What is your biggest weakness?

With my music, sometimes I am very critical of what I do … I feel sometimes too and I think it should not be much at times.

Do you think that music allows you to express feelings that could not express in words … If so: What kind of feelings are?

Sure, are feelings of happiness, is a bit hard to explain because it sure everyone feels his way, but when I listen to anything I say wow: a rush of happiness with sadness but also joy …

Besides feelings, Who or what inspires you to create “tracks”?

I like all music. The music band is not much, but the Pop I really like and when I hear “hooks” good and things of Pop parents motivate me a lot and inspires. They can be the voice melodies or tunes otherwise.
Every time I hear something other than mail immediately I start to see who is the producer; then, based on that they can be producers I know or maybe someone new and what I like Zedd mail, among others. Each Dj / producer holds its own and there are things that everyone does that say wow that father, that inspires me a lot too, but Zedd: “His the man!”

Throughout your career you’ve shared the stage with international DJs like Nervo, DVBBS, R3hab; to name a few … What Chaser had to do to achieve these goals? How did you do?

With work every day with my stuff, I love what I do and like everything: a job. I miss him all the desire that I can and I know that everything has its time and I hate to push hard on something that may not be ready.

If you had to choose between all your collaborations with these DJ’s, For you, what was the best?

Among NERVO, DVBBS and R3hab …
I think R3hab ..

DJ What else would you like to collaborate?

Zedd !! :)

Who is your favorite DJ?

As a DJ, I have many, I once saw Chemical Brothers live show and wow what.

What do you like most about being a DJ?

Able to express with my music and feel the connection with people. Watching people dance to my music motivates me in what I do. In my opinion and I’m sure many, it is very important to connect with people.

What is the next goal in your career?

I have more than one, but right now get more good music, to sound everywhere and succeed with it.

What happens when you go on stage, what kind of experience feelings?

The truth always feel “nerve” but is a good nerve and sometimes anxiety and want to get on “hahah” I get much longer want to climb missing 30 minutes. And I feel q are hours, “haha” but sometimes.

Finally … You could give you 3 tips for kids who are just beginning their career.

If you really like this stuff do not stop doing so is patience and hours sitting in a chair watching your computer. Also I think the production is all.

To know more about this DJ visit their social networks here:

The new year has just began and we continue with the next level:

A new website and a new sublabel are born:

Airfield Recordings

Airfield Recordings

Airfield Recordings is a division of Digital Room Records and release tracks from the Genres progressive House and EDM.

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